DREI AFFEN - S/T 12" - FunnyThing29


Out of Torrelavega/Spain and including members of the mighty OsoLuna, this trio delivers you 6 tracks of blistering crusty screamo!
Still comparable to their spanish partners in crime Tempano or the already mentioned OsoLuna, they let out the epic parts and create music that is just on point...angry and badly desperate!
This 12" contains 6 tracks a onesided EP with a screenprint on side b! All artwork was done by Rodrigo Almanegra!

500 Records made. All have a screenprinted b-side and include a downloadcode and a lyricsheet.

Pressing Info:
300 yellow vinyl
200 clear vinyl

This Records is a cooperation with Arkan, Blessed Hands, Dingleberry, Discos Finu , Don't Care, Hydrogen Man, Krims Kramz, Pure Heart, Monte Calvario, Pifia, Rakkerpak, Rubaiyat, Screamore, Unlock Yourself, Voice Of The Unheard and Zegema Beach. Support them, they all release excellent stuff!

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