BEAVER - COLD HANDS 7" - FunnyThing05


The fifth Release on lifeisafunnything and finally a 7"!
Beaver from Krakow/Poland delivers you deep emotional Hardcore with a rawer Screamo-Edge at times. All in all "Cold Hands" has a very timeless feel: modern melodic Hardcore at one Hand, this Record also breathes the dirt from mid 90s Screamobands Ebullition or Gravity Records were famous for.
Attention! As there are 4 Songs on the 7", you will get all 6 recorded Songs with the Download!
This Record is a cooperation with Anarchino Records from France...kisses and hugs for them!

350 Records made. Each Copy comes with a Downloadcode and a foldout Lyricsheet.

Pressing Info:
50 Crazy Ants Mix Vinyl (Sold out)
100 White Vinyl
200 Black Vinyl

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1. Hopeless 02:43
2. Cold Hands 02:49
3. Wrong Assumptions 01:55
4. Outsider 03:02
5. Cascades 02:28 (Download only!)
6. Blackpaint 02:38 (Download only!)