lifeisafunnything brings you the debut 12" of Icelands own Icarus!
Started out as Instrumental Post-Rock Band, they evolved into a unpredictable Hardcore Band with adding the Voice of their Frontman Finnbogi! While modern Melodic-Hardcore is surely the Basis of "Ascending//Descending", Icarus always add a portion of their own crazyness to their Songs. For one second you might think of Refused, another second Blood Brothers come to mind...and sometimes they rock like Jr. Ewing. They can mosh real heavy for one moment and be emotive like Touche Amore in the other. Out comes "Ascending//Descending"...8 Songs that sound in the end like no other Band, just like Icarus!

300 Records are made. Each Copy comes with a Downloadcode and a foldout Lyricsheet.

Pressing Info:
70 Clear red w/ gold Vinyl
100 White Vinyl
130 Black Vinyl

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1. Maryland 02:02
2. The Royal Botch, Royale 03:33
3. At Least I'm Not On Fire 04:06
4. Tirade 02:12
5. Interlude 01:28
6. Saga 03:17
7. The Masquerade 03:03
8. Feed Me A Stray Cat 04:57