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ARROWHEAD - MAUNDER 12" - FunnyThing38

Image of ARROWHEAD - MAUNDER 12" - FunnyThing38


❁lifeisafunnything proudly presents you the brandnew 12" EP by Arrowhead! After their breathtaking split 12" with Forever Losing Sleep earlier this year, they put up another 3 intense, deep and dark tracks of modern and melancholic hardcore. As i am always bad with words, let's see what had to say about "Maunder":
"Boston, Massachusetts’s ARROWHEAD blends driving, emotional music with lush, ambient soundscapes in an effort to create a connection with the listener. Taking influence from both modern and classic ambient and experimental artists, the band strives to bridge the gap between the esoteric and the conventional. By combining artistic passion with technical expression, ARROWHEAD lives somewhere in between chaos and order, and you can literally hear that on their new EP, which we’re premiering below! Serving a quality follow up to their early 2017 split with FOREVER LOSING SLEEP, “Maunder” is an impressive picturesque recording that showcases ARROWHEAD’s ability to create genuine beauty with a varied, at times abrasive, palette."

200 Records are made. All include an extra art-sheet and a downloadcard!

Pressing Info:
100 opaque orange
100 clear orange w/ black swirl

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