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BONEFLOWER - I'LL BE THE BONES, YOU'LL BE THE SOUL 12" (2nd Press) - FunnyThing20


❁lifeisafunnything brings you a repress of the outstanding debut EP by this young band out of Madrid/Spain in a whole new packaging!
5 atmospheric and virtuoso songs taking influences from Screamo, Post-Rock and Emo. Hypermelodic and intense at the same time and often playing with that good old silent/loud-thing, Boneflower is really a sureshot for any fan of the genres mentioned above!
This one-sided 12" comes as a white with black swirl vinyl edition! The Artwork, which was done by Rodrigo Almanegra, was screenprinted with black laquer color on a blacks sleeve by the fine people from Blakk Meadow! Included are a downloadcard and a lyricsheet.

Pressing Info:
300 on white with black swirl vinyl

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