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Two young german Bands teaming up for this Split 7" with ❁lifeisafunnything! Both already released well received EPs back in 2014 and now they are taking a step further in their musical evolution!
Modern melodic hardcore is the foundation of it all, but the ways of expression are two very different ones.
While I Saw Daylight got a very desperate, angst-driven feel into their music, Deceits seems to be more introverted with their combination of harsh vocals and hypermelodic guitars. So you got a kid caught between anger and desperation on side 1 and a sad giant on side b. Both great!

This Record is a cooperation with Beyond Hope Records, White Russian Records and Last Novel Records. Check them out!

500 Records made. Each one comes in a foldout Cover with lyrics inside, a booklet and a downloadcode!

Pressing Info:
150 pink vinyl
350 white/black marbled vinyl

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