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MASKROS - UNTOLD 7" - FunnyThing21


❁lifeisafunnything presents you a limited run of this breathtaking debut only avaible on a sold out tape so far!
"One of the best debut ep's ever. period." wrote a guy on bandcamp and i can add nothing useful to this statement!
Not for a moment Maskros sounds like a newcomer! Dark but very melodic and intense Screamo/Post-Hardcore that combines in a fabulous way the juvenile storm and stress of that good old Gravity/Ebullition-Screamo-Times with a more mature feel that brings SST or Dischord Bands to mind.

252 Records are made. Each comes in screenprinted sleeve, including 3 lyriccards and a downloadcard.

Pressing Info:
98 black vinyl
51 clear red vinyl
50 clear vinyl
49 white vinyl
4 grey marbled vinyl (not for sale)

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