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OSOLUNA - S/T 12" - FunnyThing09


Out now on solid black 180g vinyl: FunnyThing09 - OsoLuna's Debut LP! And why looking for words for this, when already said everything so well: "The new OSOLUNA 12” is a must listen for all of you dark hardcore / post metal lovers. This magnificent hybrid from Torrelavega, Spain tores through their complex compositions with furious energy, hitting every transition and executing every single moment of the record. Here’s one of your new favorite records of the year. Ladies and gents, I give you OsoLuna!"

500 Records made. Each Copy comes with a Downloadcode and a printed Innersleeve.

This Records is a cooperation with Unlock Yourself Records, Dingleberry records, krimskramz, Koepfen, Theia Records, Walking is still honest Records, Nostalgia Records, KTC Domestic Productions, Miusichole Records, Upwind productions, Samegrey Records, Gato Encerrado Records, Girls Cartel Records, Lost State Records, Suspended Soul Tapes & Records. Support them, they all release excellent stuff!

Pressing Info:
500 black 180g Vinyl

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