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SORE EYELIDS / Факел - SPLIT 7" - FunnyThing39


Another furious split 7" that ❁lifeisafunnything has the pleasure to give to you!
On side a you got two brandnew tracks by Sore Eyelids out of Gothenburg/Sweden! And if you familiar with their past records, you know that they always deliver some of most bittersweet melodies in wide world of indie-rock, shoegaze and emo. Simply wonderful!
On the flipside we've got Факел from St. Petersburg with their 3rd release on lifeisafunnything! And how they evolve from record to record! Less chaotic, more dramatic and melancholic and all in all a perfect blend of emo and screamo! Of course the irresistible violion is there again! :)

200 Records are made. All come in a foldout sleeve and include a downloadcard.

Pressing Info:
100 opaque lilac vinyl
100 black vinyl

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